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Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals Replace John Crane’s Mechanical Seal Type 21

Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals Replace John Crane’s Mechanical Seal Type 21
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The Type HXT21, a general purpose seal, has become an industry standard with OEM designers. Made of stainless steel, it provides a service range well beyond that which is possible with comparably priced seals of other metallurgical construction.
• The positive static seal between the bellows and the shaft, along with the free movement of the bellows, means that there is no sliding action could lead to shaft damage by fretting. This ensures that the seal will automatically compensate for normal shaft run-out and axial movements.
• This versatile seal can be used on a wide range of equipment including centrifugal, rotary and turbine pumps, compressors, mixers, blenders, chillers, agitators, and other rotary shaft equipment.
• Ideal for pulp and paper, pool and spa, water, food processing, wastewater treatment, potable water ,HVAC and other general applications.

Alternative to:

Crane 21 seal

Flowserve 110 seal

Roten 21A seal

Sealol 43 CU Short seal

Sterling 212A seal

US Seal C seal

Vulcan 11 seal




-40°C to 205°C/-40°F to 400°F(depending on materials used)


150 psi(g)/10 bar(g)


Up to 2500fpm/13m/s, depending on configuration and shaft size

Works with:



Safeunit「 Ultima


SmartFlow IG

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