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HX-WA range of the Mechanical Seals to suit  WAUKESHA®UNIVERSAL Pumps,
Cherry-Burrell®Series Pumps
Mechanical seals :  Single and Double
HX-WA-S:The replacement of the OEM seals ,
Pumps Series:
WAUKESHA ® U1 Series Pumps
U1 006,015,018,024, AND Kits
U1 030,034 AND Kits
U1 040,060,064,130,134 AND Kits
U1 220,224 AND Kits
U1 320,323,324 AND Kits
WAUKESHA ® UII, Series Pumps
UII,006,015,018 AND Kits
UII,030,034 AND Kits
UII,040,045,060,064,130,134 AND Kits
UII,180,220,224 AND Kits
UII,210,320,324 AND Kits
WAUKESHA ® Series 200 Pumps
Shaft size : 1 1/8",1 1/4",1 1/2",1 7/8",2 3/4",3"1 3/4"
Design :
O-ring mechanical seals
Single Seals & Double Seals
Seat ring:
Silicon Carbide & Silicon Carbide
Ni-Resist steel Seat ,Vtion O-Ring
Please, Contact us with the O.E.M detail for cross-reference and identification

HXSEALS INDUSTRY, one of the leading seals manufacturers and suppliers, now has many kinds of seals to suit waukesha cherry-burrell, waukesha universal in stock at your choices. You can rest assured to get the customized seals at a discount and the free sample from us. Coming in high quality and long durability, they won't let you down.