OEM Replacement Seals

Mechanical Seals to Suit K.S.B.

Mechanical Seals to Suit K.S.B.
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HX-KSB range of the Mechanical Seals to suit  KSB® Pumps
Mechanical seals :
HX-KSB-ES:The replacement of the OEM seals , Commonly found through-out the fluid industry
OEM Pump Mechanical seals :
KSB ® ETA and SY Series Pumps:SY,SYA,SYN,SYT
KSB ® ETA Series centrifugal Pumps
KSB ® AMA,KRT,SEWA, Series Waster-Warter Pumps
Shaft size :
Design :Elastomer bellows seals
O-ring mechanical seals
Seat ring:
Carbon Carbide & Silican Carbide
Ni-Resist steel Seat ,Vtion O-Ring
Please, Contact us with the O.E.M detail for cross-reference and identification

HXSEALS INDUSTRY, one of the leading seals manufacturers and suppliers, now has many kinds of mechanical seals to suit k.s.b. in stock at your choices. You can rest assured to get the customized seals at a discount and the free sample from us. Coming in high quality and long durability, they won't let you down.