OEM Replacement Seals

Mechanical Seals to Suit Hilge Pumps .Size 19mm,28mm,38mm. VULCAN Type128,1662,1663

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Product Details

Mechanical seals :
HX-HIL-S:The replacement of the OEM seals
OEM Mechanical seals :
HIGE® Pumps,
GRUNDFOS®HIGE® Centrifugal Pumps
Shaft size :
:31.7,44.4 (Carbon Face )
:O-ring mechanical seals
Rubber mechanical seals
Multi-Spring Mecahncai seals
(to replacement the original wave-spring seals)
Seat ring:
Carbon Carbide & Silican Carbide
Ni-Resist steel Seat ,Vtion O-Ring
Please, Contact us with the O.E.M detail for cross-reference and identification
We always back our service !
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please send us an e-mail: Ray@hxseals.com
HXseals are glad to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers of engineering products meant for different purposes. These include Mechanical  Seals, Carbon and TC  products.
Mechanical  Seal: We manufacture seals for various types of fluid applications, shaft sizes and seal types. We can offer you different seal faces such as Carbon, Ceramic, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Stellite, etc. As per your requirements. We have been successfully replaced imported mechanical seals like  AES seals, Vulcan seals , Burgmann seals,John Crane seals, Latty seals, , etc,. We also repair mechanical seals of all brand and designs, which can easily save you almost half the cost of a new seal. So if your seal is not repairable we can build you a new one at a lower cost than you pay.
Carbon Products: We manufacture precision molded carbon components likes bushes, thrust, vanes and segment rings. We have developed a few grade of carbon to suit industrial applications for general eng purposes and also for end use involving high temperature and pressure conditions in pumps, valves, rotary joints, turbines, compressors, petrol dispensing, bulk meters and LPG pumps. Carbon seal faces can be manufactured for different applications and sizes for mechanical seals. Carbon guide and seal rings are widely used in steam rotary joints.
2015 NEW  Products:  Manufacture seals for the special  pump  as :Flygt pump ,Groundfos pump,Afla pump ,Fristam pump,Hilge pump,Tri-Clover pump,Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Pump,APV Pump ,KBS Pump,IMO Pump,EMU Pump, Wilo Pump and so on ,Replacement OME seals ,

HXSEALS INDUSTRY, one of the leading seals manufacturers and suppliers, now has many kinds of mechanical seals to suit hilge pumps .size 19mm,28mm,38mm. vulcan type128,1662,1663 in stock at your choices. You can rest assured to get the customized seals at a discount and the free sample from us. Coming in high quality and long durability, they won't let you down.