OEM Replacement Seals

Mechanical Seals to Suit Flygt® and Grindex® Submersible Pumps. All Pump Models Are Covered

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Product Details

HX-FY mechanical seals suit to ITT, Flygt Pumps Series ,ITT.GRINDEX, 
Mechanical seals :
Two Types design
HX-FY-S:The replacement of the OEM seals
HX-FY-T: The new seals design to save the cost
Please, Contact us with the O.E.M detail for cross-reference and identification

NEW Desgin :HXFY-T

Instillation is exactly the same as the O.E.M. design, no need for Allen-keys, just remove the red clips.

Standard materials Information:-

Face:  Tungsten carbide ,Carbon Graphite

Tungsten carbide,Sillicon Carbide,Ceramic

Elastomers: Viton®

Hxseals supplies these 120MM shaft seals as part of our stock guarantee policy, as well as Hxseals manufactured alternatives for most I.T.T. Flygt®seals.

Hxseals also stocks replacement seals for many other submersible pump O.E.M. models, please contact us with your requirements.

Hxseals part code 1200.06T.L.V.H.

O.E.M. Models:- 3310-000, 3311-000, 3311-820, 3312-700, 3312-765, 3312-800, 3350-000, 3351-000, 3355-000, 3500-000, 3500-260, 3501-700, 3501-800, 3530-000, 3531-700, 3531-800, 3600-000, 3600-250, 3600-260, 3601-000, 3800-000,7080-820, 7080-860, 7080-900, 7100-000, 7115-700, 7115-800, 7120-000, 7140-000, 7570-700, 7585-700, 7585-800.

O.E.M. Part Nos:- 3706200, 3706201, 3706600, 3706601, 3706602, 3944000.

HXSEALS INDUSTRY, one of the leading seals manufacturers and suppliers, now has many kinds of mechanical seals to suit flygt® and grindex® submersible pumps. all pump models are covered in stock at your choices. You can rest assured to get the customized seals at a discount and the free sample from us. Coming in high quality and long durability, they won't let you down.