Stationary Seat Seats Must Be Safe And Reliable

Stationary Seat Seats Must Be Safe And Reliable

Date:Jun 13, 2017

Stationary Seat Seats must be safe and reliable

The so-called car seat is the seat when the car ride.

According to the site, can be divided into:

Front seat: headrest, backrest, cushion, (handrail),

Rear seats: (head pillow), backrest, cushion, flank, (handrail).

Price introduction

General car seats in the average price of 850-1050 dollars, mid-range cars in the 1400-1600 US dollars, upscale more than 2,000 US dollars. For most cars, the seat is more expensive than the gearbox, chassis and body.

basic requirements

The car seat operator provides easy to operate, comfortable and safe driving, ride position. It should have the following conditions:

1, the layout of the entire compartment should be reasonable, especially the driver's seat must be in the best position;

2, the shape of the seat design must meet the physiological functions of the human body, to ensure the comfort of the premise of seeking beauty;

3, the seat must be safe and reliable, should have sufficient strength, stiffness and durability, compact and as much as possible to reduce the quality;

4, in order to meet the comfort of the Secretary set up a variety of adjustment agencies, there must be a reliable locking device to ensure safety.

Seat type

Car seats can be divided into split seats, long seats; according to the function can be divided into fixed, removable, adjustable; by the number of passengers can be divided into single, double, multi-person chair. According to the performance of the seat, from the earliest fixed seats, has been developed to the multi-functional power adjustment seats, air cushion seats, electric seats, stereo stereo seats, the spirit of recovery seats, until the electronic adjustment seat The According to the material is divided into leather seats and flannel seats and so on. There are also some special use of the object seat, such as child seats and racing seats and so on.

Leather seats

China's auto industry in recent years, the rapid development of the next period of time will also be steady development, which has a lot of demand for seats, so the future of passenger car seat industry is still a huge space for development.

Two advantages

1, easy to clean. Compared to the fabric frame seat, the dust can only fall on the leather seat surface, and not deep into the seat deep, so gently rub with a cloth can complete the cleaning work, for the velvet seat also need Buy cushions, etc., or once the dirty, it is possible to penetrate into the interior of the seat.

2, more easy to heat. Although the leather will be endothermic, but its thermal performance better.

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