Standard Seals Sealing Technology

standard seals Sealing technology

Standard sealing technology

At that time the selection of new materials and technology of various standard sealed new technology, carry out faster, have the following standard seal new technology. Sealing surface grooving technology Over the years, in the standard sealed sealed face opened a variety of flow grooves to attack the fluid static, dynamic pressure effect, is still constantly updated. Zero leak sealing technology It is always assumed that contact and non-contact standard seals are unlikely to reach zero leakage (or no leakage). Israel uses slotted sealing technology to present a new concept of zero-leakage non-contact mechanical end seals and has been used in nuclear power plant lubricating oil pumps. Dry Work Gas Sealing Technology This type of seal is used for grooved sealing technology for gas seals. Upstream pumping sealing technology that use the sealing surface of the open tank will be a small number of leakage of fluid pumped back upstream. The above-mentioned types of sealing features are: the use of shallow groove, and the thickness of the film and the depth of the trough are micron-level, and use the lubrication tank, radial sealing dam and circumferential sealing weir constitute a sealed and carrying some. It can also be said that the slotted seal is the connection between the flat seal and the grooved bearing. Its benefit is a small amount of leakage (or even no leakage), thick film, to eliminate contact resistance, power consumption and heat a small amount. Hot fluid dynamic pressure sealing technology It is the use of various shapes of deep sealing surface trough, constitute some thermal deformation, to attack the hydrodynamic wedge effect. This has a hydrodynamic load bearing seal, known as the hot fluid dynamic wedge seal.

Bellows sealing technology can be divided into forming metal bellows and welded metal bellows standard sealing technology.

Multi-face sealing technology is divided into double sealed, center ring seal, multi-sealing technology. There are parallel surface sealing technology, monitoring sealing technology, combined sealing technology.

7, the standard seal flushing program and features

The purpose of the scouring is to prevent the accumulation of impurities, to prevent the formation of airbags, adhere to and improve the lubrication, when the scouring liquid temperature is low, both cooling effect. Scouring the main ways are as follows:

One, within the scouring

1. is scouring

(1) Features: The use of the work of the host of the sealed medium, from the pump outlet through the pipeline into the sealed chamber.

(2) use: for cleaning the fluid, p1 slightly larger than p into, when the temperature is high or there are impurities, can be set in the pipeline cooler, filters, etc.

2. Backflush

(1) Features: The use of the work of the host of the sealed medium, from the pump outlet into the sealed chamber, after the flow through the pipeline back to the pump inlet.

(2) use: for cleaning the fluid, and p into