Special Seals Multi - Purpose Materials

Special Seals Multi - purpose materials

Usually the common sealing material is fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, Dingqing rubber, polyurethane and other materials, these materials can basically meet the various needs of customers. But in some specific occasions and the use of the environment, you need some special materials for everyone to solve the problem. In order to meet the specific needs of customers in the sealing material up and down enough effort in the R & D team's efforts to increase the use of several other less commonly used materials.

Material 1: neoprene rubber seal

Applications: Multipurpose materials are used in a variety of industrial applications.

Features / Benefits:

1, elastomer: chloroprene rubber

2, and NBR nitrile rubber characteristics similar to, but the resistance to acid-base material is weak

Material 2: natural rubber material seal ring

Applications: Although there are many types of synthetic rubber with different material properties, natural rubber, the appropriate application areas still need to be further developed.

Features / Benefits:

1, elastomer: natural rubber

2, high flexibility

3, excellent physical characteristics

Material three: butyl rubber material sealing ring

Applications: Suitable for a wide range of industries, such as vacuum applications

Features / Benefits:

1, elastomer: butyl rubber

2, very low gas permeability

3, high resistance to oxygen and ozone performance

4, good electrical insulation performance

5, does not apply with the application of mineral oil.

When installing the sealing wound gasket with the protruding flange, pay attention to ensure that the seal and the pipe concentric, generally use the outer ring and the bolt inside the circumferential surface contact to locate, does not allow eccentric installation. Installation of the tongue and groove surface sealing surface flange in the basic type of wound gasket, should pay attention to the gap with the groove wall to keep the same.

6, the installation of narrow width of the metal coated gasket, a certain thickness of the steel plate should be placed outside the gasket, and then press the flange, so that the metal gasket within the coated packing pressure, the metal shell interface (Or mouth) to open, damage the metal coated gasket.

7, when the flange operating temperature is higher than 200 ℃, in the flange sealing surface and gasket should be coated with sealant to prevent high temperature sealing gasket and flange sealing surface sintering, to repair and replace the gasket to increase trouble.