Mechanical Seal Failure Handling

Mechanical seals and other equipment due to the long hours and high torque mechanical motion, gearbox meshing clearance becomes larger, resulting in a considerable amount of noise and vibration. Sealing parts operating at high speed, high temperature for a long time, seal oil leakage occurs. Caused sealed parts leakage of has following reasons: 1, and oil seal quality problem appeared of leakage; 2, and lubrication management improper, led to oil added Super bit or deficiency oil dry mill; 3, and maintenance process in the injury sealed pieces caused sealed failure; 4, and oil bit exhaust hole jam led to pressure had big,; above problem appeared not only effect enterprise production equipment security continuous run, while caused enterprise cost of significantly consumption.
Based on the idea of reducing energy consumption and environmental protection, Western countries use more new material to address the above issues, advanced Maitre superb sealant and lubricant, which is an excellent additive for gearboxes, film on the parts to form an inert material, thereby reducing friction and gear noise and leak. Meanwhile, Maite Thunder Super sealant and lubricant is a special inert materials for a variety of purposes, primarily to reduce contact between metals. As a thread sealing compound, which one surface is formed between external threads and internal threads, you can protect the joints from friction and wear, can withstand pressure of 1407 kg/square centimeter, or even wear, corrosion, or errors of machining screw thread surface. It also significantly reduces torque stress, meet the needs of power vacuum. It can be used for gasket surfaces or as a filling material added, by sealing to prevent fluid leakage. Can be applied at 316 c temperatures. The technology products in stainless steel, aluminum, iron, barium, fiberglass, plastic construction will not be acid, alkali or normal solvent effects.