Hot Mechanical Seals The Pressure Of The Sealing Medium

Hot Mechanical Seals The Pressure Of The Sealing Medium

Date:Aug 14, 2017

hot mechanical seals The pressure of the sealing medium

Thermomechanical seal is composed of two sealing elements (static ring and moving ring) perpendicular to the axis, smooth and straight surface with each other, and the relative rotation of the composition of the sealing device. It is by the pressure of the sealing medium in the rotation of the dynamic ring ring on the contact surface (end) to produce the appropriate compression force, so that the two ends close together, the end between the maintenance of a thin layer of liquid membrane to seal The purpose of. This layer of liquid film with liquid dynamic pressure and static pressure, play a role in the balance of lubrication.

1. Cleaning and inspection of thermomechanical seals

1) The working principle of the thermomechanical seal requires no impurities inside the thermomechanical seal. In the assembly of thermomechanical seal before the complete cleaning ring, static ring, sleeve and other components.

2) check the surface of the static and dynamic ring there are scratches, cracks and other defects, the existence of these defects will cause a serious mechanical seal leakage. Conditional use of special tools can check the sealing surface is smooth, the sealing surface is not smooth, the pressure of water will enter the assembly after the thermomechanical seal of the static and dynamic ring sealing surface, the static and dynamic ring separation, thermal mechanical seal failure. If necessary, make tooling before assembly hydraulic pressure test.

3) Check whether there is a defect affecting the seal. Such as moving ring seat and dynamic ring ring with the surface of the existence of defects.

4) Check whether the thermomechanical seal compensates for damage and deformation of the spring and whether the stubborn coefficient changes.

5) Check the seal bush whether there is burr, groove marks and other defects.

6) cleaning check all seals apron cracks, stomata and other defects, measuring the diameter of the apron is within the tolerance range.

7) with a pumping mechanism of the thermomechanical seal also check the spiral pump helix whether there is crack, broken and other defects.

2. Thermomechanical seal assembly technology size check

1) Measure the size of the static and dynamic ring sealing surface. The data is used to verify the radial width of the dynamic and static ring, when using different friction materials, the hard material friction surface radial width should be greater than the soft 1 ~ 3mm, otherwise easy to cause the hard material end of the edges and corners embedded in the soft material Go up.

2) check the static and dynamic ring and shaft or sleeve clearance, the diameter of the static ring is generally larger than the shaft diameter of 1 ~ 2mm, for the dynamic ring, in order to ensure floating, diameter diameter shaft diameter 0.5 ~ 1mm, to compensate for vibration And skew, but the gap can not be too large, otherwise it will make the dynamic ring seal into the mechanical mechanical properties caused by damage.

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