Hot Mechanical Seals Precautions Before Assembly

Hot Mechanical Seals Precautions Before Assembly

Date:Aug 02, 2017

hot mechanical seals Precautions before assembly

Thermomechanical seal is a high-precision mechanical equipment components, its performance and service life and the host operating conditions, accuracy and sealing the installation of a great relationship.Therefore, in the installation, use must be the following requirements:

First, the assembly before the note

1, according to working conditions and the host of the correct choice of the appropriate type of mechanical seal and material combination;

2, the installation of mechanical seals of the pump or other similar rotating machinery in the work, the rotor axial flux ≤ 0.3mm

3, the installation of mechanical seal parts of the axis (or sleeve) must have a step of 3 × 10 ° chamfer, and smooth transition, the roughness Ra ≤ 1.6.

4, the installation of mechanical seal parts of the shaft (or sleeve) surface roughness Ra ≤ 1.6, runout tolerance ≤ 0.04mm, size tolerance h6.

5, the installation of mechanical seal static ring seal end cover and auxiliary seal contact surface surface roughness Ra ≤ 1.6, dimensional tolerance of H8, positioning side of the vertical axis of ≤ 0.04mm.

6, mechanical seal installation, the shaft (or sleeve) must be sealed cavity, sealed cover and mechanical seal itself clean, to prevent any impurities into the sealing area.

7, in the installation of static ring, especially carbon graphite ring must be carefully pressed into.

8, when the transmission medium temperature is too high, too low or contain impurity particles, flammable, explosive, toxic, etc., according to API682 standard to take the appropriate block, rinse, cooling, filtration and other measures.

9, according to the installation instructions or samples to ensure that the mechanical seal installation size.

10, by the spring drive mechanical seal, should be a reasonable choice of spring rotation, generally from the motor side to the impeller side to see, the shaft is clockwise, should be selected right-handed spring, otherwise the left-handed spring.

11, double-end mechanical seal work, the isolation of the fluid pressure than the sealed chamber medium pressure 0.05-0.2MPa.

Second, the assembly precautions

1, the assembly process should be dry, clean, clean working environment, to keep the sealed cavity parts and seals clean.

2, in order to reduce the friction resistance, in the installation, with the auxiliary seal contact surface coated with a layer of clean lubricants or grease. But must pay attention to the use of ethylene propylene rubber as auxiliary seal, do not contact with mineral oil or grease can be used water or soapy water to clean and lubricate;

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