Hot Mechanical Seals Make Sure The Pump Is Working Properly

Hot Mechanical Seals Make Sure The Pump Is Working Properly

Date:Jul 04, 2017

hot mechanical seals Make sure the pump is working properly

For a variety of pump seal details, for mechanical seal approach

In order to ensure the normal operation of the pump, usually FGD system mechanical seal three months to replace a machine seal, this article on how to replace the machine seal and replace the machine seal to do a specific process for our reference.

Things and raw materials

Wrench, socket wrench, word screwdriver, word screwdriver, sandpaper, clean cotton, grease

Repair the table, a new set of mechanical seal.

For the mechanical seal of the pump: 1. Install the chemical process pump mechanical seal on the left side; installed on the sealing plate 2. Then install the right KSB pump mechanical seal that dynamic ring, dynamic ring with the static ring sealing surface to clean 3. Equipped with key and impeller. Good gasket and nut. Before the device to carefully check the number of assembly seal parts is not enough, the components are not damaged, especially moving, static ring with or without bruises, cracks and deformation and other shortcomings. If you have any questions, you need to make corrections or replace the new spare parts.

It is not appropriate to check the chamfering of the sleeve or gland, and it is necessary to trim if it does not meet the requirements.

Mechanical seals of the components and their associated device touch surface, in the device before the need to clean with acetone or anhydrous alcohol. The installation process should adhere to the cleaning, especially the moving ring and auxiliary sealing components should be no impurities, dust. Moving, static ring surface coated with a layer of cleaning oil or turbine oil.

The upper cover should be made after the coupling is correct. Bolts should be tightened evenly to avoid the gland section skew, with a stopper or special things to view the points, the error is not greater than 0.05 mm.

To see the cooperation gap (and concentricity) of the gland with the shaft or sleeve outer diameter, it is necessary to ensure that the surroundings are evenly spaced and viewed with a feeler of not more than 0.10 mm.

The amount of compression should be carried out according to the rules, not allowed to have too large or too small scene, the requirements of error ± 2.00 mm, over the General Assembly to increase cross-section than the pressure to speed up cross-section wear. Too small will form a lack of pressure and can not play a sealing effect, torsion installed in the torsion seat to move sensitive. When using a single tension spring to pay attention to the rotation of the tension spring, the rotation of the tension spring should be the opposite direction of rotation with the axis.

Movable ring device must be attached to the sensitive movement, the dynamic ring pressure to the torsion spring should be able to take the initiative to come back.

First static ring seal ring in the back of the static ring, and then into the sealed end cap. Pay attention to the protection of static ring section, to ensure that the static ring section and the end of the center line of the straight line, and the static ring back of the anti-transfer slot at the anti-transfer pin, but do not touch each other.

The device will never be allowed to use things directly hit the sealing element, you need to hit, it is necessary to use special things to hit, to prevent damage to the components

When assembling all seals should be coated with soapy water and other lubricants, so to avoid damage during the assembly process apron. Apply a grease between the sealing surfaces of the dynamic ring to prevent the dynamic ring seal from worn before the pump is driven.

From the floating ring assembly, we must be careful not to knock down the floating ring torsion spring, to avoid the impact of the ring after the impact of floating from the floating ring function. From the floating ring assembled, you can gently press the floating ring to determine whether there is an outstanding floating function.

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