Hot Mechanical Seals Easy To Replace

Hot Mechanical Seals Easy To Replace

Date:Sep 07, 2017

hot mechanical seals Easy to replace

Proper selection of thermomechanical seals is the key to preventing pump leakage

(Continued) In recent years, separate seals have become another important addition to external seals. Separate seal is a complete assembly, installed in the packing box and bearing sleeve between, with this design, the need to replace the seal, do not need to remove the pump every time. This combination of seals discusses other design standards that are being developed. Since this design is easy to replace the seal, it is important to resist the temptation to replace only the seal, and it is important to do a further investigation of the root cause of the failure.

   The cartridge-type seal is a collection of all-in-one sealing device, which includes all the sealing elements, glands and bushings. Because this type of seal does not require any rigorous installation measures, the installation procedure is greatly simplified, while the sealing surface and seal elastomer are well protected to prevent accidental damage. These advantages also mean that the maintenance and replacement of the seal can be reduced.

A variety of cartridge-type seals can be purchased in the market almost, so you can reduce the risk factors in use, but also can save the use of ordinary seals inherent maintenance time.

  Double seal and liquid barrier

  The use of a double seal surface seal instead of a single seal has a higher degree of leakage characteristics. This type of double seal is mostly used in volatile, toxic, easy to cause cancer, dangerous and poor lubrication of the liquid.

Dual seals generally have three design types, each of which requires a liquid barrier system between the double sealing surfaces to prevent liquid or gas from venting. The more commonly used low-cost double seal is a back-to-back installation of the seal, the rotation of the sealing surface in the opposite direction. It often requires a barrier liquid, the pressure should be higher than the packing box pressure, about 20psi, so that the internal seal can always be blocked liquid lubrication, but also to ensure that the sealing surface to a certain sealing pressure.

In the more complex face-to-face type seals, the rotating sealing surfaces are arranged in a face-to-face manner, which tend to operate in the opposite direction of the same static sealing surface. This type of seal can be used either with a high pressure barrier system or a low pressure barrier fluid system.

The third design type of seal using a serial arrangement, that is, two rotating sealing surface are away from the impeller, arranged in the same direction. This sealed barrier fluid pressure is generally lower than the pressure of the pump. Actually equivalent to two sealed, two-stage buck joint working device.

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