Hot Mechanical Seals Common Materials

Hot Mechanical Seals Common Materials

Date:Sep 19, 2017

hot mechanical seals Common materials

Introduction and Characteristics of Mechanical Seal and Material Selection

 1, the working principle of mechanical seal

Mechanical seal is a pair of pairs of vertical relative to the axis of the relative sliding end of the FGD system mechanical seal fluid pressure and the arrangement of the elastic (or magnetic) effect adhere to the swallowed together with the auxiliary seal to reach the leakage of the shaft seal equipment The

2, mechanical seal commonly used materials selection

(Static) Baptist KSB pump mechanical seal grease graphite, bronze, phenolic plastic.

River water (including sediment); room temperature; (moving) tungsten carbide, (static) tungsten carbide

(Static) impregnated resin graphite, tungsten carbide, metal ceramic;

(Static) impregnated resin graphite, tungsten carbide, metal ceramic;

Gasoline, lubricating oil, liquid hydrocarbon; room temperature; (moving) tungsten carbide, 1Cr13 cobalt-chromium tungsten, cast iron; (static) dip resin or tin antimony alloy graphite, phenolic plastic.

Petrol, lubricating oil, liquid hydrocarbon; 100 degrees; (moving) tungsten carbide, 1Cr13 cobalt-coated tungsten; (static) dip bronze or resin graphite.

Gasoline, lubricating oil, liquid hydrocarbons; containing particles; (moving) tungsten carbide; (static) tungsten carbide.

3, the type and use of sealing materials

Seal material should meet the requirements of the sealing function. As the sealed medium is not the same, and the working conditions of the equipment is not the same, pleading sealing material with different adaptability. The pleading of the sealing material is generally:

1, the material is fine, easy to leak media;

2, have the appropriate mechanical strength and hardness;

3, good compression and resilience, long lasting deformation;

4, high temperature does not soften, not decomposition, low temperature is not hardened, not brittle crack;

5, good corrosion resistance, in acid, alkali, oil and other media can work for a long time, its volume and hardness changes small, and not attached to the metal surface;

6, the conflict coefficient is small, good wear resistance;

7, with the contact surface with the flexibility;

8, good aging resistance, durable;

9, processing and manufacturing facilities, cheap, simple selection.

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