Hot Mechanical Seals Auxiliary Seal Ring

Hot Mechanical Seals Auxiliary Seal Ring

Date:Sep 27, 2017

hot mechanical seals Auxiliary seal ring

The basic knowledge of mechanical seals

1, the basic concept of mechanical seal:

The mechanical seal consists of at least one pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of the rotary fluid pressure and the compensation element is elastically (or magnetic) defined and auxiliary coordinates are maintained by the combined composition of the sliding device to prevent fluid leakage. The auxiliary seal ring compensation is called metal bellows mechanical seal.

2, the composition of the mechanical seal:

There are four main parts. A. Main Seals: Ring. B. Second seal: seal. C. compact: spring, push the ring. D. transmission: play the town and the bonds or fixed screws

Should pay attention to the problem

1, the installation of the Notes

A, must be taken to avoid installation and installation of the deviation

(1) tighten the gland should be found in the coupling after the completion of the bolt should be uniform to prevent the end of the gland oblique, the use of plug gauge gauge check point, the error is less than 0.05 mm.

(2) check the gland and shaft or hollow shaft diameter (concentricity), the gap is uniform, surrounded by the use of the feeler check tolerance is less than 0.01 mm.

B, spring compression, according to regulations, do not allow too much or too small, need the error 2.00 mm. Increase surface pressure and speed surface wear. Too small will not help the lack of pressure to achieve the seal.

C, the beard on the installation is complete, the news ring should be automatically returned by the spring shaft flexibility guarantee.

2, delete the notice

A, be careful to remove the mechanical seal, it is strictly prohibited to use a hammer and a shovel, so as not to damage the seal. Make a line of hook, self-financing to the driver's seat gap, the direction of pulling out the seal. If dirt removal is not suitable, should be thoroughly cleaned after removal. B, if the pump is mechanically sealed at both ends, in the assembly, take care of each other in the removal to prevent loss.

Should not be tightened C, run the mechanical seal, this hat loosely sealed action, the ring parts must be replaced, you can continue to use. Compromise, because after the president, the friction pair in the original trajectory, to change, the interface is easy to seal.

3, the normal operation of mechanical seals and maintenance

1, before the start of the preparatory work and preventive measures

A, mechanical seals, and auxiliary equipment and pipe installation of the comprehensive review has been completed, in line with technical requirements.

B, before the start of a mechanical seal hydrostatic test, check the mechanical seal leakage. If more leaks, should be identified for reasons to try to eliminate. If it still does not work, you should remove the check and reinstall it. 2 ~ 3 for the general pressure test pressure kg / square centimeter.

C, according to the direction of rotation of the pump, check whether the light evenly. Such as hard or fixed, you should check whether the assembly size error, the installation is reasonable.

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