Dry Gas Seals Reliability

Dry Gas Seals Reliability

Date:Oct 11, 2017

Dry Gas Seals reliability

Effect of stainless steel bellows: the role of stainless steel bellows as a flexible pressure pipe fittings stainless steel bellows installed in fluid delivery system, to compensate for pipe or machinery, equipment to connect the displacement of each other, to absorb vibration energy and can play a role reducing vibration, sound, etc, the stainless steel flexible hose between pitch, have good scalability, non-blocking and stiffness phenomenon; The stainless steel corrugated pipe is free to bend to various angles and the radius of curvature, with the same softness and durability in all directions; Stainless steel hose thread has a certain applied between each section of buckle, in case of destruction of hose hose line exposed internal laid, axial tension can withstand the nominal diameter of more than 6 times. Compared with ordinary bellows, it has many characteristics such as flexible, low quality, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and low temperature. The bellows bellows can also develop other types and USES of corrugated compensators according to the user's working environment, conditions and the number of fatigue damage. My company's products are widely used in petroleum, steel, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, water supply and drainage, construction and other industries of all kinds of pipelines and equipment, the products sell well in more than 31 domestic provinces, municipalities, has won praise users. Durable reliability and protection

In the mechanical seal industry, a leading global manufacturer, it has developed a dry gas seal for the production and transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) under extreme cold operating conditions. Natural gas under the condition of - 170 ° C is liquefied, the dry gas seal is specially designed for this kind of extremely low operating temperature, has the characteristics of long service life, high reliability, and passed the LNG compressor main manufacturers of strict testing and approval.

Global has abundant natural gas resources, but the natural gas transported overseas sales, must be carried out on the gas liquefaction and regasification, which adds to the cost, prompting LNG producers have to expand the production scale, economies of scale. Manufacturers of LNG manufacturers are also increasing their supply. The LNG seal products include the "super large" compressor seal developed for the largest LNG plant. This kind of sealing the nominal diameter of 390 mm, is one of the largest dry gas seal, the market can tested at low temperature to - 170 ° C under the condition of normal work. The dry gas seal design absorbs the experience of 390 mm mechanical seals designed for thermal power stations in a Chinese steel plant. Previous design of this kind of dry gas seal at present is still the world's largest dry gas seal, it can operate at temperatures up to 250 ° C under the condition of normal work, and no problems since 2009. The unique sealing design enables the product to withstand wide operating temperature and improve the reliability of the equipment. The production of "super large" seal is very important to upgrade the compressor capacity. With this type of sealing solution provided, the LNG operator can maximize the reliability of the equipment and the environment and extend the normal operation time of the compressor.

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