Cartridge Seals Installation Process

Advantages of self-kissing elastic seal 1. Simple installation process

 1. Safety performance is good, because the design 350mm for a group, each group between the expansion gap, not because of expansion or air pre-fire and other reasons caused by astringent, the flexibility and flexibility of the seal.

2. Seal contactor for the replacement of easy parts, a furnace after the replacement of only two people can be completed 10 hours, contactor weight is very light, unlike other manufacturers sealed too heavy, spring load impact elasticity, self-kissing box flexibility Seal elasticity soft, thereby reducing the friction with the fan plate.

3. The cold end of the joint seal is mainly used to take into account the denitrification of ammonium bicarbonate and other seals on the corrosion, especially the spring, so the design of the spring for the internal torsion spring, shaft for the use of graphite lubrication and dry powder seal, Hazardous gas can not enter the end shaft, thus ensuring the flexibility of flexibility.

4. The sealing design of scientific production technology precision, but the installation process is simple and quick, self-kiss box sealed box and the original radial sealing gap on the same contactor for contact with the amount of stress, so no installation scale, the general power plant maintenance can be To do it yourself.

In the pressure fluctuation state, with excellent low pressure and high pressure sealing Features Back-to-back installation, so as to avoid oil spill and water into the efficient operation of the bearing wear caused by eccentric shaft using our special field connection (OSJ) It is easy to carry out the renovation of the equipment significantly reduces the turbine downtime and maintenance costs.

If the user installs a KB-type blade seal, it is possible to save unnecessary turbine downtime and associated labor costs. With our special field connection (OSJ) method, the separate components of the KB-type blade seal can be efficiently mounted around the shaft as an annular seal so that the performance of the fully molded seal can be achieved while Separate seals for maintenance, for the user to bring the best economic benefits. We have developed this system can help those who need simple but efficient implementation of the sealed user, you can quickly and easily in the field to install, without removing the blade. The only option before the advent of the KB-type blade seal is to use an expensive, multi-lip seal, and require a high installation technique to achieve the desired effect.