Axle Sleeve Support Fixed Role

Axle Sleeve Support Fixed Role

Date:Aug 14, 2017

Axle Sleeve Support fixed role

When is the best use of the sleeve? What is the method of casting the sleeve? What are the defects in the casting of the sleeve? Shaft sleeve casting in the defective valve sleeve and how to solve it? The sleeve is a very broad name. Shaft sleeve is a kind of sliding friction machine used to reduce the friction while driving thrust and shaft sleeve manufacturers to play a fixed role in supporting the fixed parts. The material commonly used for the sleeve includes ZCuSn10Pb1, ZCuSn10Pb5, ZCuPb10Sn10, ZCuPb15Sn8, ZCuZn38Mn2Pb2 and so on. The sleeve is also called "copper bearing". Shaft production process includes: forging, heat treatment, grinding process monitoring, and finally the need for logo management. So what is the method of casting the sleeve in the end? Let's get to know it right now.

When is the best use of the sleeve? Shaft casting method:

1, sand casting production is the most commonly used method of copper gasket is sand casting, it has a wide adaptability, production preparation is relatively simple and so on. But the production of castings with this method, its dimensional accuracy and surface quality and internal quality can not meet the requirements of mechanical parts, and the production process is more complex, to achieve mechanization, automated production and investment in the production of special parts and special technical requirements Casting, the technical and economic indicators are low, therefore, sand casting in the casting production in the application has been a certain limit.

2, special casting sand casting, by changing the casting materials, casting methods, liquid alloy filling the form of casting or casting solidification conditions and other factors, the formation of a variety of sand casting is different from other casting methods. Casting workers to other than sand casting process of other casting methods, collectively referred to as special casting. Machinery manufacturing industry in the common special casting methods are:

(1) Investment casting. It is a non-cutting or less cutting casting using a fusible model and a high-performance shell (mold) to mold high dimensional accuracy and lower surface roughness values.

(2) metal casting. It is the use of metal mold to improve the casting cooling rate, to achieve a type of casting, access to dense crystal structure of the casting method.

(3) pressure casting. It is by changing the liquid alloy filling and crystallization conditions, the liquid alloy in high pressure, high-speed conditions, filling the mold, and under high pressure forming and crystallization, in order to obtain precision casting method.

(4) Lost Foam Casting. It is similar to the casting shape and shape of the foam plastic model bonded together into a model family, brushing the refractory coating and drying, buried in the quartz sand vibration modeling, and then under certain conditions pouring liquid metal, the model vaporization And the metal liquid to occupy the model position, until the molten metal solidification cooling after the formation of the required casting method.

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