Axle Sleeve Grinding Super Processing

Axle Sleeve Grinding super processing

As the entire industrial base of the machinery manufacturing industry, is moving towards high precision, high efficiency, intelligent and flexible direction. Grinding, ultra-lapping processing (referred to as "grinding super-processing") is often the ultimate processing of mechanical products, the mechanical processing of a direct impact on product quality and performance. As one of the basic parts of the machinery industry, the production of the bearing, the grinding of the ferrule is to determine the core parts and even the entire bearing the main part of the precision, which rolling the surface of the mill super-processing, then the bearing life and bearing vibration The main part of the noise. Therefore, the past mill super-processing are bearing manufacturing technology in the field of key technologies and core technologies.

Foreign bearing industry, 60 years has formed a stable ring grinding process and the basic method of ultra-processing, namely: double-face grinding - centerless cylindrical grinding - raceway cut into the centerless grinding - raceway super-lapping Processing. In addition to the structure of special bearings, need to add a number of processes, the mass production of the rings are processed according to this process. For decades, the process did not change fundamentally, but that did not mean that bearing manufacturing technology did not develop. Briefly speaking, the 60's is only the establishment and development of "double-end - unintentional outer circle - cut into the grinding - ultra-refined" the process, and the corresponding birth of a series of cut into the centerless grinder and super lapping machine, parts Processing accuracy of 3 ~ 5um, a single processing time 13 ~ 18s (small and medium size). 70 years is mainly to the application of 60m / s high-speed grinding, control grinding technology and control of a large number of grinding machines, characterized by integrated circuits, electronic control technology, digital control technology is widely used to improve the grinding machine and process Stability, parts processing accuracy of 1 ~ 3um, parts processing time 10 ~ 12s. Since the 1980s, the processing precision of process and equipment has been no problem. The main development direction is to achieve higher efficiency, more convenient adjustment and numerical control and automation of manufacturing system under the premise of stable quality.

2. Grinding of the bearing rings

In the production of bearings, the amount of grinding labor accounted for about 60% of the total labor, the number of grinding machines used accounted for about 60% of all metal cutting machine, grinding costs accounted for more than 15% of the cost of the entire bearing. For high-precision bearings, these ratios are greater for grinding. In addition, grinding is the whole process of the most complex, its understanding is still the most inadequate part of a link. This complexity is manifested in: the required performance indicators are more and more accurate; the forming mechanism is more complex and the factors that affect the machining accuracy are numerous; the processing parameters are difficult to detect online. Therefore, for the bearing production in one of the key processes of grinding, how to use new technology, new technology, high precision, high efficiency, low cost to complete the grinding process, is the main task of grinding.