Working medium and pressure impact affecting the sealing performance of rubber seals

Date:Oct 23, 2020

  Working medium which affects the sealing performance of rubber seals working medium. In addition to strictly following the working medium recommended by the manufacturer, it is also important to keep the working medium clean. The aging or pollution of oil solution will not only lead to the failure of system components and accelerate the aging and abrasion of rubber seals, but also the dirt in the oil cylinder may be scratched or embedded in the rubber seals, the residual air in the oil cylinder is compressed by high pressure to form a high temperature, which burns the seal and even carbonizes it. In order to prevent the occurrence of this problem, exhaust treatment must be carried out at the initial stage of hydraulic system operation. The hydraulic cylinder should also operate slowly for several minutes at low air pressure, and can work normally only after confirming that the air in the cylinder has been discharged.

  Pressure impact affecting the sealing performance of rubber seals

  The pressure will have a great impact on the oil cylinder, except for the hydraulic system with high pressure and large flow, when the actuating element is reversing, if the performance of reversing valve is poor or the design is improper, the hydraulic impact will easily occur, such high pressure will squeeze the rubber seal into the gap in a very short time, or tear the seal cover, causing serious damage to the rubber seal. Ordinary oil cylinder with hydraulic impact is installed on the piston buffer ring and support ring. The buffer ring absorbs most of the impact pressure in front of the seal ring, and the support ring prevents the rubber seal from squeezing into the gap of the seal ring under high pressure, causing tearing damage.

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