What are the main points of use of mechanical seals?

Date:Oct 18, 2018

Among the components of the pump, mechanical seals are important components, and mechanical seals are also wearing parts. If the mechanical seal is damaged, the pump body will leak. If a direct-coupled pump is used, the medium in the pump body will seep into the motor and damage the motor. Therefore, the quality of the mechanical seal is critical.

To improve the efficiency of the pump, extend the service life of the pump shaft seal, the normal use of the valve, the maintenance is the key. Many mechanical seal users often ignore a problem: It is to let the pump idling without medium. This air transition damages the mechanical seal very much, which not only greatly increases the wear of the mechanical seal itself, but also causes more serious damage to the seal due to the high temperature generated by high-speed friction. In fact, many users complain that 'a certain mechanical seal does not take long to damage' is caused by this reason. Therefore, we must pay attention to this detail in the use of the pump - the pump can not idle!

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