What are the advantages of mechanical seals?

Date:Oct 22, 2019

Mechanical seals have the following advantages:

(1) The structure is reliable, and the leakage amount can be limited to very small, as long as the surface diameter and flatness of the main sealing surface can meet the requirements, as long as the material wear resistance is good, the mechanical seal can achieve a small amount of leakage, and even the naked eye can not see the leakage. .

(2) Long life. In the mechanical seal, the main wear part is the end of the seal friction pair, because the wear amount of the seal end face is not large under normal working conditions, generally can be used continuously for 1 to 2 years, and also useful for 5 to 10 years in special occasions.

(3) No adjustment is required during operation. Since the mechanical seal is attached to the friction pair by the spring force and the fluid pressure, the contact is automatically maintained during operation, and the assembly does not need to be adjusted and pressed like ordinary soft filler.

(4) It has vibration resistance. The maximum amplitude does not exceed 0.05 mm at a rotation of 3000 r / min.

(5) The power loss is small. The packing seal is acted upon by the packing of the packing on the shaft or on the sleeve. The packing seal is directly rubbed with the shaft, and the tighter the friction of the packing is wasted, and the power consumption is greater. The friction of the mechanical seal is in a semi-liquid friction state, the friction coefficient is very small, and the power loss of the mechanical seal is 10 to 50% of the packing seal.

(6) The bellows seal shaft or bushing is not subject to wear and is not sensitive to the wobble of the rotating shaft and the deflection of the shaft to the casing.

(7) A wide range of applications. When the medium is flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful, mechanical seals are used to ensure sealing. It is still suitable for equipment sealing of high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum various alternative and corrosive media.

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