Various categories of mechanical seals

Date:Sep 18, 2020

Various categories of mechanical seals

1. According to the push situation, it can be divided into push type and non-push type

Push type refers to the seal that the auxiliary seal mechanically pushes along the shaft or shaft sleeve to compensate for the abrasion of the sealing surface.

2. According to the rotation or stillness of spring elements, it is divided into rotary internal flow unbalanced single end face seal and static external internal flow balanced single end face seal.

3. According to the leakage direction of sealing medium: internal outflow and outflow type mechanical seals.

4. According to the number of springs: single spring type and multi-spring type.

5. Classification by elastic element: spring compression type and bellows type.

6. According to the sealing cavity temperature: high, medium, common and low temperature sealing.

7. The static ring is located on the sealed end face: Inner-mounted and outer-mounted.

There are many kinds of mechanical seals and the price is cheap. They are suitable for different types of machines. According to different classification methods, they can be divided into many types. The first thing users know is which categories they are basically divided, because different types have different application ranges, we should choose carefully.

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