The principle of mechanical seal leakage

Date:Feb 03, 2021
The leakage of mechanical seals is caused by many reasons, and we need to deal with specific problems. In order to minimize the amount of leakage, the installation of mechanical seals must be carried out in strict accordance with the technical requirements, and the following matters must be paid attention.

1. The assembly should be clean and smooth. Mechanical seal parts, tools, lubricants, wiping materials should be very clean. The sealing end face of the dynamic and static ring should be wiped with soft gauze.

2. Trim the chamfer and round it. The chamfer of the shaft and seal end cover should be trimmed smoothly, and the relevant fillet of the shaft and end cover should be sanded and polished.

3. When assembling the auxiliary sealing ring, the rubber auxiliary sealing ring cannot be soaked and washed with gasoline and kerosene to avoid swelling and deformation and premature aging. After the dynamic and static ring is assembled, press the compensation ring by hand to check whether it is in place and whether it is flexible; Whether the elastic split ring is positioned reliably. After the movable ring is installed, it must be ensured to move flexibly in the axial direction on the shaft.


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