The mechanical seal must be inspected before installation

Date:Jul 01, 2020

① Seal the cavity. The specifications, diameter, and depth of the sealed cavity must meet the relevant dimensional requirements; the coaxiality and perpendicularity of the shaft and the sealed cavity meet the requirements. The perpendicularity is generally less than 0.05~0.08mm, and the coaxiality should generally be maintained at 0.20~0.25mm between.

②Axial movement of the pump shaft. The axial movement of the shaft or sleeve should be controlled within 0.08mm. ③ The flatness of the end face of the dynamic and static ring friction is the key to ensuring the seal. It can be checked with a simple caliper method, that is, the caliper is attached to the end face and placed under the backlight, and the surface flatness is judged by observing whether the light transmission gap is uniform.

④ The surface roughness of the shaft or sleeve should be below 0.32μm.

⑤ The integrity and cleanliness of each sealing component. The integrity and cleanliness of each seal should be carefully checked to ensure that there are no defects such as sharp edges, burrs, scratches, or cracks.

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