The following points should be noticed when installing mechanical seals?

Date:Mar 25, 2020

1. The installation steps of the mechanical seal are closely related to the structure of the equipment used, and should be installed in accordance with the characteristics of the equipment.

2. When installing each part, apply force carefully and evenly to prevent deformation of the end face and damage of brittle components.

3. Do not apply lubricant to the seal faces.

4. Ethylene-propylene rubber material should not be in contact with mineral oil.

5. When installing the Teflon sealing ring, be patient and meticulous and apply even force to prevent its damage. When installing the PTFE V-ring, special attention should be paid to the V-shaped cutting edge to avoid folding and turning. Cutting edge faces high pressure

6. When installing flexible graphite axial squeeze seals or flat gasket seals, ensure that the axial tightening force is uniform throughout the circumference.

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