Stainless steel bellows can be made as follows

Date:Sep 10, 2018

Stainless steel bellows can be made as follows:

1. Prepare related tools for stainless steel bellows, including wrenches, small electric cutters (or cutters), and solid connectors (screws, nuts, seals, gaskets, etc.).

2, stainless steel bellows cutting. Use an electric cutter to cut the bellows according to the corresponding size, and then place the cut stainless steel bellows into the card slot, preferably with 3 sections of corrugated exposed.

3. Pull the stainless steel bellows that has been placed in the card slot with a hammer to make it look smoother, and then use the tube card to get stuck in this smooth bellows.

4. Put a sealing ring or gasket in the stainless steel bellows head nut so that the joint is completed.

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