Stability of the sealing state of rubber seals

Date:Feb 04, 2021
The advantages of sealing relative packing sealing is reliable in long-term operation, the sealing state is very stable, and the leakage is very small. According to rough statistics, the leakage is generally only 1/100 of the soft packing seal; rubber seals have a long service life, generally up to 1 to 2 years or longer in oil and water Media, and can usually reach more than half a year in chemical media; friction power consumption of small mechanical seal friction power is only 10% ~ 50% of soft packing seal.

The rubber seal shaft or shaft sleeve is basically not worn; The maintenance cycle can be automatically compensated after the end face is worn. Under normal circumstances, regular maintenance is not required; The vibration resistance is good to the vibration of the rotating shaft, the deflection and the shaft are not sensitive to the deflection of the sealing cavity; The rubber seal has a wide range of applications. The mechanical seal can be used for low temperature, high temperature, vacuum, high pressure, and different speeds, and the sealing of various corrosive media and abrasive media.

The rubber seal can scrape off hard objects such as ice residue and cement solidified materials attached to the piston rod of construction machinery, avoid damage to the oil cylinder seal by hard objects and extend the life of the cylinder. The matrix material has high hardness and can scrape off hard objects attached to the piston rod such as cement slag and ice slag; The O-shaped leaf spring has a large resilience, and the lip is close to the piston rod to scrape off dust particles in the general environment, the base material has a small friction coefficient and good wear resistance, which can extend the service life of the dust ring. The double lip structure clears the dust off. The technical points of rubber seal production are polyoxymethylene as the base material, with high hardness, low friction coefficient and good wear resistance; O-spring provides pre-tightening force; Double lip structure.


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