Seals provide high quality solutions for urban green intelligent transportation

Date:Dec 31, 2019

With the continuous growth of urban population and traffic congestion, public transport becomes the best choice for travel because of its convenience and high speed. Rail transit manufacturers need to find more safe, environmental protection, and economic benefits of electrical solutions, seals for the tram demonstration line to provide safe, flexible all-round electrical protection.            

Problems of rain, humidity and condensation  

The primary purpose of outdoor signal cabinet sealing is to prevent rainwater intrusion. Once rainwater enters the cabinet, the harm to power supply system can be imagined. If the humidity of the external environment is large and the temperature difference is high, the humid air at the bottom of the signal cabinets on both sides of the road will enter the cabinet, which will easily form condensation on the cabinet door and internal equipment when it is cold, which will cause short circuit or equipment malfunction, as well as corrosion of metal structure parts. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly seal the cable. The seal system can ensure water-proof to a large extent and reduce or avoid condensation in humid environment, which is conducive to the long-term stable operation of outdoor signal cabinet and improves the safety and power supply reliability of distribution equipment.            

Standard and orderly, easy to maintain           

 The power system of rail transit line is complex. If the opportunity of reasonable cable planning is missed at the beginning of the project, the maintenance and operation costs will pay a huge price in the future. The use of seal system can completely solve the problem of disordered and unsightly cable sealing area, improve the construction efficiency, and facilitate routine maintenance and troubleshooting.            Prepare for the expansion of transfer line and extension line            The seal can reserve a lot of spare space to adapt to the future development. The seal can be opened repeatedly in the system structure, and the spare module can provide more possibility of cable sealing. Even in the case of cable extension in the later stage, the staff can disassemble and reseal the cable quickly, greatly reducing the workload of secondary maintenance.

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