Sealing material of the most prominent features

Date:Jan 19, 2017

Sealing material to its forms divided into fluid sealing material and non-fluid sealing materials two categories. Sealing material is able to withstand the joint displacement to achieve air, water-tight embedded in building joint water pump mechanical seals for the purpose of setting and amorphous materials. Sealing material has a lot of categories, one balanced mechanical seal flange seal in our daily lives is often used. Flange sealing product series: serrated metal gaskets, metal corrugated gasket, metal gasket, sealing materials, metal jacketed gaskets, high strength gasket.
Flange sealing product types have a plate: sealing pads according to the different shapes, different sizes cut to fit different flange or the box combination. Depending on the medium and the pressure we choose PTFE, graphite, Kevlar, ceramic fibers, and other high quality materials combined with filler made from stable performance of the gasket, pollution-free pump mechanical seal plate, asbestos-containing ingredients, safe drinking water in food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Gasket width can be up to 1524mm, the application of more large-diameter flange, user requirements and can be made into gaskets. Two gaskets: gasket is made of metal, or metal and non-metal composite, mainly used for piping flanges to connect the static seal is more suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and other harsh environments. Gasket material, structural diversity, dimensional accuracy, high contact surface smoothness. Sealing material, with its unique technology, good sealing effect, applied to a wide variety of industries.

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