Precautions for the use of mechanical seals

Date:Aug 17, 2018

1) It is necessary to select the appropriate type of mechanical seal and data matching with mechanical seals and the condition of the main engine according to the working conditions; to ensure the normal operation and service life of the seal.

2) The radial runout of the shaft (sleeve) of the mechanical seal of the device shall be ≤0. 04mm; the axial yaw of the rotor is ≤0.11mm.

3) The sealed end cap (or housing) of the mechanical seal stop ring of the device; the straightness of the positioning end face to the shaft ≤ 0. 04mm.

4) When the mechanical seal is in the device; it is necessary to clean the shaft (sleeve bushing), the sealing cavity, the sealing end cap and the mechanical seal itself; to avoid any impurities entering the sealing part.

5) When the temperature of the transport medium is too high, too low, or rich in impurity particles, flammable, explosive, and toxic; it is necessary to refer to the relevant specifications of mechanical seals; adopt corresponding methods such as blocking, scouring, cooling, and over-consideration.

6) When mechanical sealing device; should be properly smooth. According to the product device instructions; to ensure the mechanical seal device scale.

7) It is necessary for the equipment to overflow the medium before work; to avoid the conflict and invalidate the seal.

8) The mechanical seal of the single spring transmission in the sample; the spring rotation should be reasonably selected; usually viewed from the end of the stop ring; when the shaft is turned clockwise; the right-hand spring should be selected. Otherwise, the left spring is selected.

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