Metal bellows mechanical seal features

Date:Jan 07, 2020

Welded bellows mechanical seals and ordinary mechanical seals have many advantages, which can be summarized as follows.

1. High precision: Welded bellows play the role of spring and are a combination of numerous springs, so it solves the problem of deformation of ordinary springs due to centrifugal force. It is suitable for high rotation, and the sealing surface is evenly pressed, which is helpful to prevent blockage.

2. Vibration resistance and excellent flexibility and intimacy: The bellows is highly flexible. Because some of them absorb vibration very well, they have a high ability to adapt to radial runout, offset, vibration and vibration, preventing the highest .

3. Simple structure: unlike spring seal, which is composed of many parts, simple structure and easy assembly

4. Adapt to a variety of temperature conditions: The thermal expansion coefficient of the welded bellows is small, and it can be used at low or high temperature. And there is no O-ring, which reduces the temperature limit conditions and allows more freedom in design.

5. Withstand high pressure: As the bellows itself plays a balancing role, the area of the joint sealing surface can be set to reduce fluid pressure and stagger the friction of the sealing surface. It can transmit heat and wear and can be used for high pressure.

6. Protect the machine (no shaft sleeve required): Welded bellows mechanical seals do not have O-rings, so there will be no shaft or sleeve wear caused by the wear of the 0-rings. To protect the shaft, there is no need to install a shaft sleeve.

7. Adapt to corrosive fluids: instead of welding corrugated pipes such as Hastelloy 276, which is highly corrosive, it can avoid the problem of corrosion between springs and O-rings, thereby achieving sealing.

8. No suspension occurs: ordinary push-ring mechanical seals are used, and a small amount of fluid appears to solidify and deposit in the air, preventing the advancement of the O-ring of the moving ring. Therefore, the sealing force on the sealing end surface weakens or disappears, which leads to leakage. On the contrary, the welded bellows mechanical seal does not have O-rings. Even if there is solidified material, it will not be disturbed. life.

9. Thread pumping effect: The bellows itself has screw pumping effect, which can effectively correspond to fluids containing solid particles and help flush.

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