Mechanical seals of centrifugal heat pump application notes

1. centrifugal heat pump mechanical seal spring more tightening seal better. Otherwise, spring tight mechanical seal of hot oil pump too much shrinkage, may cause conflicts under wear rapidly, suddenly burnt; excessive tightening spring lose conditioning loop end surface can, cause seal failure.
2. thermal conductivity of centrifugal oil pump mechanical seal ring seal as tight as possible is good. Ring sealing ring too tight more harm than good. One is increased wear on the seals and bushings, prematurely leaked out; second, increases the rings for axial adjustment, movement restriction, cannot be when we made adjustments when conditions change frequently; the third is excessive fatigue damage of spring; four is the dynamic seal ring distortion affecting the sealing effect.
3. heat pump static seals more tightly as possible. Static seal ring is in a stopped state, relatively tight seal will be better, but too tight is bad. Is a static seal due to excessive deformation affecting the sealing effect; the second is the most static material graphite, usually more brittle, excessive force is easily broken; the third is installed, open a difficult, it is easy to damage the stationary ring.