Mechanical seals are classified by model

Date:Sep 18, 2020

Many machines have certain restrictions on the selection of mechanical seals. Of course, there are many kinds of this piece, so the selectivity is also very large. However, if the type of this piece is not clear, in the future, users may be confused when choosing. Therefore, before choosing, users may wish to know which categories this piece can be classified:

Mechanical seals can be classified into the following two types in terms of model:

1. U-shaped seal:

It is made of excellent raw materials and good production pump by mechanical sealing process. It has strong plasticity, good elasticity, compression deformation resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, and is one of the required accessories of the three-dimensional rotary vibrating screen, typical devices in the grid and defining a screen outside the seal, Buffering, anti shock, anti-skid, dust and other.

2. V-type seal:

V-type mechanical seal is also called V-type seal strip. The device is in contact with the vibrating body on the bottom frame of the vibrating screen and the upper frame of the vibrating screen and the ZZ, which has the effects of sealing, Buffering and shock absorption. V-shaped RS has the characteristics of elasticity, insulation, impermeability and impermeability. The V-shaped RS is the same as the screen, both of which belong to one of the important parts of the vibrating screen and are also wearing parts. In normal work, we should check them frequently and replace them in time if any damage is found. V-shaped RS is of firm quality and has a normal service life of more than half a year, but the more times it is disassembled, the easier it is to be damaged.

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