Mechanical seal system

Date:Jan 19, 2017

1, improved lubrication: through the lubrication of mechanical seal for sealing system to improve working conditions, rinse, cycle way out to that end.
Is usually sealed by sealing system through mechanical seal of hot water circulation pump filtration and cooling of the sealing medium into the sealed Chamber, or will run good pulp pump mechanical seal for Rotary, and sealing properties of the media compatible rinsing fluid into the seal cavity, fundamentally change the lubrication conditions. For gas and liquid-phase poor lubrication, high saturated vapour pressure of the sealing medium is very favourable.
2, temperature control: by means of sealing system of mechanical seals working environment temperature regulating functions. Flushing of the seal system, circulation, convection work to achieve this objective.
Control for high pressure saturated steam temperature and ease of crystallization and solidification of the sealing medium is particularly important. Saturated vapor pressure high medium in an airtight Chamber accept the mechanical seal of the mixing heat and end-face friction and heat, causing temperature increases. Not having a heat sink cooling is likely to lead to medium vaporization seals, damaged friction, cause seal failure. Crystallization and solidification of the media, you will need to take measures, which makes the media without crystallization and solidification, special, normal leakage out of the media cannot crystallize or solidify, otherwise it will damage the mechanical seal of the compensation function and make the seal failure.

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