Mechanical seal selection for centrifugal pump and repair

Date:Jan 19, 2017

Selection of mechanical seal material
Should be considered when selecting a mechanical seal material properties of materials, such as acid alkali, corrosive, particle size, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and other elements, those elements appropriate choice of subject materials, reducing the subject to Vice resistance coefficient to reduce face the possibility of hot cracking. Materials subject to the Deputy shall have excellent wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, heat resistance, lubricity, should have high mechanical strength and optimum hardness, so appropriate subject materials is stable work conditions of mechanical seals, followed by mechanical seal is constructed, users can choose according to intern use by sealing Handbook.
Leaked elements of analysis and distinguish
Device static test of leakage of static mechanical seal device, query leaks, such as leaks in smaller, mostly ring static seal o-rings or questionable; leak is large, dynamic and static ring is marked inconsistent Deputy is in doubt. In beginning query leaked volume, and distinguish leaked parts of based Shang, manual disc car query, if leaked volume no explicit with changes is moving, and static ring sealed circle has questions; if leaked volume explicit with changes is can distinguish is conflict Deputy exists questions; as material along axis to Jet, is more for moving ring o type circle damaged; as material along radial jet, is more for static ring sealed pad failure.

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