Mechanical seal leakage maintenance countermeasures

Date:Dec 19, 2018

1. Countermeasures against malfunction

First, an O-ring with good wear resistance and good rubber elasticity is used. This ring can maintain its original shape and size in the event of minor damage, and continues to maintain the seal. O-rings generally used for sealing are mostly rubber or polytetrafluoroethylene. Polytetrafluoroethylene mainly has a corrosive effect, and it is possible as a corrugated gasket or a V-shaped tube. If it is under high temperature or low temperature conditions, bellows made of stainless steel or the like is generally selected as the sealing ring. If a rotary mechanical seal is required, the sealing ring should be O-ring for sliding sealing.

We can consider the use of a long-life static mechanical seal, the static ring is mounted on one side of the shaft, and the moving ring is mounted on the side of the casing so that it does not affect the device due to mechanical deformation, and the structure for flatness Also has a good retention. At the same time, the spring of the installation method does not contact the sealing liquid, and the operability is improved very well, and the process of removing the slurry and maintaining the flatness of the sealing and the precision of the machine provides great convenience.

Mechanical seals are also very large due to heat, which can lead to material denaturation and part deformation, resulting in a change in load capacity, which greatly reduces the performance of the seal and the burnout. The treatment method needs to be determined according to the size of the heat, such as natural cooling, internal circulation cooling, external flushing cooling and internal circulation cooling, etc., and the sealing temperature is controlled to achieve the best sealing effect.

2. Countermeasure against sliding surface

In equipment maintenance and overhaul, carefully check the equipment for wear and slip and ensure the accuracy of the surface of the static ring. At the same time, the use of static mechanical seals can solve the wear problem. Another method of sealing thermal deformation that solves the stress variation of the material of the sliding member is to change the holding manner of the O-ring or the graphite ring of the sealing ring from the sliding form to the insert type.

3. Countermeasures against dry sliding

If it is caused by the insufficient cooling caused by the sliding heat, the sliding surface damage caused by the sliding surface damage, we can choose to configure a more complete sealing liquid and cooling water and temperature control unit, but also need to check the supply pipeline to prevent the occurrence of Blockage. When selecting a mechanical seal, it is best to use a static mechanical seal with better slurry resistance, which can better prevent dry friction. In addition, it is very important to maintain the mechanical integrity and normal operation by strengthening the operation and management of the rotating machinery, checking various parameters and conditions such as the pressure of the mechanical seal on time, and solving related problems in time.

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