Mechanical seal installation correct and reasonable installation sequence

Date:Jul 01, 2020

①Install the static part of the mechanical seal: first, install the anti-rotation pin into the corresponding hole position of the sealing end cap; second, install the static ring seal ring on the static ring according to the order, and then install the static part in the sealing end cap Ring, to prevent the anti-rotation pin from entering the static ring groove during the assembly process. Finally, during the installation process, avoid collision between the stationary ring and the shaft. The bolts should be tightened evenly several times.

②Assemble the rotating parts of mechanical seal. Assemble the rotating parts of the mechanical seal one by one on the shaft in order. For the sleeve, the rotating parts of the mechanical seal are assembled to the sleeve in sequence, and then the sleeve of the rotating part of the mechanical seal is installed on the shaft.

③ Install the end cap on the sealing body and fix it with screws.

④Whether it is easy to turn the test drive.

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