Mechanical seal installation

Date:Jun 12, 2020

1. Installation principles

(1) Familiar with the equipment. Before installing the mechanical seal, you should be familiar with the rotation speed and shaft diameter of the rotating shaft; consider the manufacturing process of the mechanical seal, the relevant size of the seal cavity, the service time of the equipment, the level of employees of the production equipment, etc.

(2) Estimate the pressure of the medium. The pressure in the sealed chamber of a centrifugal pump is usually lower than the outlet pressure of the pump.

(3) Familiar with the sealing medium. Before installing the mechanical seal, you should be familiar with the state of the sealing medium and the particles contained; familiar with the relevant physical characteristics of the medium to prepare for later cooling, flushing, lubrication, etc.

2. Technical requirements for installing mechanical seals

(1) The radial runout of the shaft or sleeve, and the runout tolerance of the end face of the sealing cavity facing the shaft surface should be consistent with the relevant specifications;

(2) The axial movement of the control drive shaft should be controlled at 0.2mm;

(3) Effectively control the temperature of the conveying medium by taking measures such as blocking, washing, cooling, and filtering;

(4) When installing the mechanical seal of the spring drive, the rotation direction of the shaft should be maintained to make the spring more and more tight.

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