Mechanical seal device and application requirements

Date:Jan 19, 2017

Mechanical seal device and application requirements summary: need hosts kaiquan pump mechanical seal condition selection of suitable type mechanical seal data matching to ensure that normal industrial pump mechanical seal life mechanical seal shaft runout 0 public service. 04mm rotor axial momentum 0. 1mm mechanical seals to stop sealing housing locating end face shaft straight 0. 04mm mechanical seal sleeve sealing Chamber sealing necessary fluid dynamic pressure bearing common case with axes
1) boat was necessary working conditions mechanical seal and host selection for type of mechanical seal matches the information; ability to ensure normal work and life.
2) mechanical seal shaft (axle) radial runout of public service should be less than 0. 04mm rotor axial play is less than 0. 1mm.
3) stop ring seal cover mechanical seal (or shell), locating end face shaft straight ≤ 0. 04mm.
4) mechanical seal when device; the need to shaft (axle), mechanical seal for sealing Chamber, seal cover and its clear and clean; to avoid any impurity into the seal.
5) when the transfer medium temperature too high, too low, or rich in impurities, flammable, explosive, toxic; it is necessary against the mechanical seal specifications; adopt suitable resistance, washing, cooling, filtering and other approaches.
6) mechanical seal when appropriate smoothing. According to the product installation instructions; ensure that the mechanical seal unit scale.
7) equipment in work is necessary before full media to avoid conflicts and seal failure.
8) sample single spring transmission of mechanical seal should be rationally selected spring show; typically seen from the stop ring shaft when turning clockwise; d-spring magistrates or. otherwise, selected the left spring.

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