Introduce advantages of mechanical seals

Date:Jan 19, 2017

1. it is reliable to seal, mechanical seal in Shanghai, long period will not leak or rarely leak. Clean, no dead ends, can prevent bacterial contamination.
2. long service life, the correct standard selection of friction load pressure of mechanical seal the mechanical seal can be used 2-5, longest useful to 9 years.
3. long maintenance period, in the case of works, is not in need of repair.
4. the shaft or sleeve is not subject to wear.
5. less friction power loss, generally about stuffing box seal 10~50%
6. accuracy of the mechanical seal on the shaft and finish are not so strict with stuffing, rotating mechanical seal for Kettle shaft runout and axis oblique hole in the shell is not sensitive to axial vibration sensitivity.
7. the wide application and can be used for vacuum, high pressure, low temperature, high temperature, high speed and corrosive, abrasive, inflammable, explosive and toxic media-sealed.

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