How to repair mechanical seals?

After removing the machine seal, first check the pump body with the organic seal installed, and the following requirements must be met:
1. The maximum bending degree of the shaft is ≤0.05mm, and the axial turbulence is ≤0.05mm.
2. The jump at the moving ring seal ring is ≤0.01mm.
3. The surface roughness of the shaft or sleeve of the machine sealing part is 1.6 μm, and the surface roughness in contact with the static ring sealing surface is 3.2 μm.
So how do you perform maintenance?
1. Check the mechanical seal components. All components must be complete and non-destructive. There are no scratches or bumps on the surface of the moving and static ring seals. If damage is found, repair or replace the machine seal.
2. Check if the spring force of the spring becomes smaller. If it becomes smaller, the spring must be replaced.
3. Check the inner wall of the seal and the inner surface of the seal end cover for damage. If problems are found, repair them in time.