Construction of synthetic polymer seal material joints how good

Date:Jan 19, 2017

1. more component sealed material for reaction curing type, its tie than a axis flow pump mechanical sealed set to accurate, should be used portable electric Blender mixing 3min, mix collection uniform, or cannot full reaction, will reduced material, mix good of material to in provides of Shi asked within with finished, should according to dosage to determine each mix collection volume, by different varieties of material, different production manufacturers by provides of different of mix collection time and mix collection temperature to mix collection, this two points is decided more component sealed material construction quality bad of key factors.
2. filled synthetic polymer seal material is very important, filled full, not sunken, leakage must be eliminated nested, wrap GB mechanical seal defects such as bubbles, holes, which will affect the water quality. One-component sealing materials using extrusion gun filled by extrusion gun filled should be selected according to the width of the seam diameter right out of the mouth, even plastication, sealing materials, workmanship fills the joints gradually from the bottom. Multicomponent sealing materials workmanship with a putty knife, a small amount of sealing material with scraping on the sides of the slot, graded seal material workmanship within the seam, press embedded in dense and sewn wall bond firm, joints should be inclined Cha, workmanship in sealing materials and sewn wall shall not leave gaps to prevent wrapping into the air.

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