Clean water pump sealing ring replacement method

Date:Apr 22, 2019

When removing the clean water pump, first remove the locking screw, press the screw sleeve, disconnect the plunger and the slider, unscrew the screw plug of the pump head, loosen the screw sleeve of the steel sleeve; the tire coupling of the hand plate Let the slider push the plunger out, slowly pull out the plunger from the pump head end, remove the nut and the steel sleeve screw plug, and take out the guide sleeve and the plunger seal ring. When reassembling, first install the plunger seal ring and the guide sleeve, screw the steel sleeve bolt and nut into several buckles, and after the lubricant is applied to the surface of the plunger, slowly insert it into the joint structure of the plunger and the slider. Note that the tire coupling should be turned when tightening the compression nut. During the back and forth movement of the plunger, gradually tighten the compression nut, and then tighten the steel sleeve screw and nut. Pay attention to the tightness of the sealing ring.


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