Mechanical seal selection of those things

Date:May 08, 2018

Each type of mechanical seal can only function effectively if it is used within the specified range. Improper selection will result in significantly reduced sealing performance, shorter life, and even failure.

The main parameters of the selection are as follows

A, seal cavity medium pressure P

The medium has good lubricity, and when the viscosity is high, P≤0.8MPa is selected as non-equilibrium type. Poor medium lubricity, low viscosity, P≥0.5Mpa

Second, line speed V

V ≤ 25m / s use rotary type. Static type is used when V≥25m/s.

Third, the PV value

The PV value relates to the stability (vaporization) of the fluid film between the sealing surfaces and the wear resistance of the friction pair.PV limit example:


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